Custom Campaign

The Custom Campaign Process

How we guide you to success

1 Content Generation

We will guide you towards making excellent contents. From the brainstorming processes to production to distribution.

2 Content Distribution

We distribute the contents through the most effective channels for Engineering contents. This is a combination of our own internal platform and external platform such as Facebook and YouTube Channel.

3 Content Performance Report

Knowing how the content performs, fine-tuning and optimizing them is the key to your content marketing success. We keep track of everything and optimize the content at every opportunity.

4 Lead Capture

Capturing lead is the key to your ROI. We collect leads through online forms and either forward them to our marketplace or directly to a dedicated seller. Whether you are a product manufacturer or a distributor, we have the right solution for you.

5 Campaign ROI report

Setting goal and monitoring the overall performance is the key to getting the ROI. Here we track the overall performance against your set goal, may it be to generate leads for a new product launch or to measure the sales conversion rate of an established product.

Content Generation

We will guide you towards making excellent contents. From the brainstorming processes to production to distribution. Please see the process below for more details.

  • 1 Brainstorming Ideas

    The brainstorming session is used to identify the target group persona and their interest. What content will your customer be interested in? What format is best delivered? Drawing out the content from your engineers; they are good at answering questions, leave the creative work to us.

  • 2 Content Design and Preparation

    Designing the content structure with a proper introduction, rich storytelling, and a clear conclusion that meet the content’s objective. With thorough research into the subject, we properly designed for the right format while preparing the materials ready for the production stage.

  • 3 Production

    Interviewing the right people, filming the products, collecting footage. Writing the articles, processing and calculating the date. This stage is where it all happens.

  • 4 Content Editorial

    The editing process is to ensure that the story that the content is telling is consistent and of the highest quality that is sure to give the expected ROI.

Content Example

Campaign Performance

Blog Page View

1 Week Performance
1,281 Unique Page View
7:02 Ave. Time On Page

Facebook Reach

11 Days Organic Facebook Reached
82,008 People Reached

Weekly Newsletter Open Rate

9,405 Subscribers
39% Open Rate

Lead Generations

Call To Actions

Call to Action button and forms to capture leads.

The leads are sent directly to you via E-mail so that they can be distributed to your salesperson and distributors while they are HOT!

Other measurable results such as opinion polls are also available. Helping you make the right decision.

Campaign Monitoring

Monitoring the progress of your campaign along with fine-tuning to maximise your Return On Investment

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Complete solution for your Digital Marketing Campaign. From Start to Finish with Content Creation, Broadcasting, Lead Generation, and Monitoring.

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