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Over 8,000 companies purchased through Compomax Holding Group in the last 3 years. Over 2,000 of these companies have been separated into groups and assigned a specific price level. Furthermore, we can offer special contract pricing for individual customers. 

The 2,382 customers have placed over 35,000 orders since that time, with an average of 14.7 orders/customers. The volume indicates a significant, constant, and sizeable flow of transactions that stem from the trust that these companies have with us.

The 2,300+ companies with specific price levels assigned are mostly made up of 58% Manufacturer, 26% System Integrator, and 16% Machine Builder. There are, of course, other customers types such as panel builders and individuals that we do not include in the market picture since the Industrial Product Sellers typically approach them directly.

The manufacturers consist of various industrial segments, the top 4 most significant being Automotive Supply, Steel/Metal, Food/Beverage/Tobacco, and Plastic/Rubber industry

The Top 20 Manufacturers that regularly purchased from our group are Thailand’s most prominent manufacturing companies. Not only are they well respected in Thailand, but they are also famous on the global stage

Here are the Top 10 System Integrators and Machine Builders that frequently collaborate with us and purchase our product and services.

Hopefully, the information presented here demonstrates that our group covers the majority of the market. With the right platform technologies and services, we can help you the Industrial Product Sellers gain a firm foothold in the Thai market.

The B2B Ecommerce Marketplace has four main features that help to make the customers’ jobs more manageable.

The first being the contract pricing that is unique to each customer. At the most basic level, we have the option of assigning a customer to a particular group to receive a discounted product price. Each customer can also be offered a specially negotiated rate for a specific product.

Second, the negotiated price can, of course, be viewed, and its availability can be checked once the user login to the platform. Request for quotation can be submitted to negotiate for project pricing and volume pricing.

Third, the product list offers a way for the customer to shortlist the products that they regularly used. A salesperson can also generate a list of products that they wish to introduce, discuss, and offer to the customer.

Forth, the customer can place the order from the quotation or by adding the product to the cart in the product detail page and go through the check out process 24/7.

This platform is not so suitable for brands that would like to only focus on direct sales and only closes sales offline. It is typical for brands that only work with exclusive distributors in Thailand.

On the other hand, the My Factomart B2B platform is suitable for Brands that want direct access to their customers, particularly the end-users. MRO equipment tends to do well on the platform. This channel gives an alternative route to the customers for brands with an existing retail channel.

New to 2020, Factomart offers a service called DaaS, which stands for Distribution as a Service. This service is design to help the Industrial Product Manufacturer sell to the end-users without actually having to make a significant and timely investment into their branch operation.

We offer help in 3 particular areas, namely; Logistics & Fulfillment, Customer Services, and finally Sales & Marketing.

You already have a customer wanting to purchase your product, but how to sell it to them in Thailand? How will they pay? What currency? How to do the invoicing?

These services, Factomart DaaS, offer as the primary service. Close the sales, agree on the price, and we do the rest.

We will help you get the products to Thailand by issuing you the purchase order, deal with the freight forwarder, and perform the customs clearance.

The products can be sent to the distribution center ready for delivery or stored in our warehouse. In the distribution center, the product gets checked and packed, ready to be delivered to the customer.

Our in house logistics team typically performs the delivery. We will use a reputable third-party last-mile logistics company in the case of express or remote delivery.

Our professional team carries out the Invoicing and Payment Collection with the customer. No need to worry about the complicated Thai billing system.

We will transfer you the sales revenue minus our service charges in the currency of your choice when we received the payment from the customer.

The DaaS model is guaranteed to be cheaper and faster than doing everything yourself. Minus the headache too!

Need to deal with the day-to-day customer inquiries? No problem! Our Customer service team and Sales Coordination can offer you the support for a small fee — no need to worry about human resources.

Hire us to perform market research; what is the benchmark price to the end-user?

Don’t want to take pictures and create the catalog on the platform? We can do it for you!

Want to promote your products through customer visits and roadshow? We can organize this and make the appointments on your behalf.

Perform a detailed assessment by viewing our the digital touchpoints, sales report, and analytics

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