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Factomart 2017 Catalog Cover

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Hello, Facto X visitors. How are you doing? We hope that you will enjoy our booth here. In this exhibition, we are talking about Industrial Ethernet Switch and how they are different to the one we use in the office or at home, and is it worth the money? We are also showcasing a nice looking clamp meter from Hioki. Last but not least the digital power meter that has all the functions of the industrial 4.0 without breaking the bank by Lovato Electric.

Here are the products that we are presenting. Please click on the one you wish to view.

Is Industrial Ethernet Switch a Waste of Money?

Will commercial grade one be ok?

Let's see what Hioki Clamp Meter can do

The Digital Power Meter for Industrial 4.0 by Lovato Electric

3,000+ Pieces sold each year for the last 5 years
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