Why does Factomart create a sellers newsletter?

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This is a great opportunity for me to be able to talk to you, the sellers, directly. I have to apologize that I am writing in English, I am much slower when I write in Thai and I can also reach international audiences too.

The objective of this newsletter is for me to share our experiences both in failures and successes such that you, a Distributor of Electrical/Automation products, can succeed online. If you have talked to me before I came from a background where my family business is a distribution of automation/electrical products, the company is called Compomax. I will write a column in the weekly newsletter to be sent together with K. Chanadej’s article to our current sellers, prospects, and sponsors.

E-Commerce 15 years ago

When I was at the university, my university Imperial College London used to order our lab equipment through the RS Component’s e-procurement system. We searched on their website and also looked through their 4 big catalogs for parts. We placed the order today, my lab supervisor would approve the request, the department head will then approve the budget, and the next day that I came to the university, the product would have already arrived; this was 15 years ago!

Now I realize that multinational distributors like RS Components and other giants like W.W. Grainger have the power to disrupt the distributors here in Thailand, distributors like the one my family run. Though we have survived for the last 29 years, it is time to adapt. This was why I started Factomart in 2013 and joined full time in 2015. The threat of disruption is scary and I want to lend strength to the Thai Distributors, to better compete against these giant companies.

Now we have developed a marketplace engine that can help sellers like you start your first step on your online journey, combined with online education and learning from my mistakes, you can succeed in this new channel.

What will I share

I have experimented with many types of online marketing and I will discuss what works and what doesn’t along with test data that I experimented. Example of topics will revolve around the following:

  • Content Marketing (The Best in my opinion)
  • Facebook, does social really work for B2B industrial distribution?
  • AdWords, should you pay for traffic?
  • Ranking on Google with good SEO

If you have any questions then please feel free to ask. Reply to the newsletter or use the live chat on this page. I will get back to you as soon as I can. In the meantime happy selling.

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